Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I overheard this conversation this morning between Addie and her favorite stuffed animal "white doggie" or "doggie".
"Moo, moo."
"Doggies don't say moo, doggie, doggies say woof."
"Say "moo" doggie. "Moo".
"Good job, doggie, good job."
Then she turned to her blanket.
"Say baa, blanket, say baa."
"Good job blanket. I'm so proud of you."
Not only does my child talk to her blanket, but she thinks it talks back to her and makes her very proud. What a funny girl.


Doug & Darci said...

She is so funny!! Maybe your daughter can give YOU some more encouragement to blog more often. Honestly, December was your last post.


So funny!! I love that age, Sydni says the funniest things too!

So you need to post pics of your new house!!

Can you email me your new address?? robnamy@gmail.com We miss you guys!! Hope you are settling nicely into your new home!

hillari said...

What a cute little girl! It sounds like she is talking up a storm.

The Dominguez Family said...

That is cute....

Alayna said...

How funny!
She is such a cutie!

Brandi Jo said...

That is so adorable! I can totally see her doing it! She is so funny!