Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Strong as Popeye

Addison will now eat fresh spinach. I've been waiting for her to be able to chew lettuce or spinach because that is frequently the main vegetable in our dinners. As long as I put dressing on it, Addison now likes spinach.

It may not look like she's enjoying it, but she did ask for more.

Our State Fair

Last weekend we went to the state fair with some friends. Addison had a blast.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Concert Performance

Addison loves music and loves to sing. We gave her a little Elmo sing along toy for her birthday a few months ago which plays 10 different songs, but this one is apparently her favorite. I couldn't decide which video was better, so I decided to put them both on here for your enjoyment. She is so much fun! Sorry about the lighting on this first video. It makes it so hard to see her face, but you can imagine from her movements how much fun she's having.