Friday, December 14, 2007

The highlights of my week

You will be able to tell how sad my week has been when you see the highlights. First, it's finally close enough to Christmas to dress Addison in her new Christmas dress from my mom. She looks like Mrs. Claus, only much younger and much cuter.

Then I attempted for the first time to put all of Addison's hair in one ponytail and it was a success. Not because it looked good, but because I got all of her hair in the holder for more than 5 minutes. It only stayed for about an hour, but a success none the less.

These were the high points only because we've been stuck at home most of the week while the plumber came to fix our leaky pipe. Ahh, the joys of home ownership! He had to drill under the tile and concrete in the master bath to get to the leak, which resulted in my WHOLE house being covered in concrete dust. Now I get to clean it up. Now you know why the high points of my week are so simple. It's been a rough week.

Monday, December 3, 2007

What a whimp!

I had a scary, yet angering experience last week. I went to Walmart about 1/2 mile from my house and was waiting in the self checkout line when I noticed the guy in front of me taking software out of a box and trying to hide the box behind stuff on shelves in the line. I wasn't positive that I saw right, but I'm sure he knew that I noticed because I was right there! I pretended I didn't notice, but I could feel my face turn bright red. I also watched him move the envelope with the software to several different places in his cart to try to hide it better. When he went to pay for the other item in his cart he didn't have the extra 56 cents he needed so he called over the woman who helps the self check-out customers and she called another worker over, but they either didn't notice or didn't care! I feel bad that I wasn't brave enough to say something to him and I even waited til he was out of view before I grabbed a worker and told him that I was pretty sure that guy had stolen some software. I'm not even sure if they caught him, but I was super scared as I left the store and got into my car. I kept looking to make sure no one was following me. (This isn't easy to do when strapping a toddler in a carseat.) You may think I'm paranoid, which I am, but let me defend myself by saying that there was a shooting (possibly gang related) at this same Walmart in the middle of the day just a few months ago. I was also angry because I had heard that shoplifting is a problem, but I'd never seen someone in action. He must have thought I was ok with what he was doing. That angered me too, but not enough to make me say something. Anyway, maybe someday I'll get some guts and be able to tell the guy to his face that stealing is wrong.

Fun with cousins

I forgot that we got these cute pictures with Addison's cousins during Thanksgiving. She had so much fun with them. She can now point to Tallie in a picture and followed Brayden under a desk at Katie's where I was informed that they were hiding. If only she had an older sibling...