Friday, December 14, 2007

The highlights of my week

You will be able to tell how sad my week has been when you see the highlights. First, it's finally close enough to Christmas to dress Addison in her new Christmas dress from my mom. She looks like Mrs. Claus, only much younger and much cuter.

Then I attempted for the first time to put all of Addison's hair in one ponytail and it was a success. Not because it looked good, but because I got all of her hair in the holder for more than 5 minutes. It only stayed for about an hour, but a success none the less.

These were the high points only because we've been stuck at home most of the week while the plumber came to fix our leaky pipe. Ahh, the joys of home ownership! He had to drill under the tile and concrete in the master bath to get to the leak, which resulted in my WHOLE house being covered in concrete dust. Now I get to clean it up. Now you know why the high points of my week are so simple. It's been a rough week.


Browns said...

Adorable pictures! That dress is so fun! I want a girl so bad. Sorry to hear about all the house drama. I understand the frustrations. Have a good Christmas with your family!

Gertge Family said...

Hey Cousin,Surprise! I found your blog therough Merianne's! Reese is Adorable! Im so glad I found your blog N now we can stay in touch! Abby

daherfamily said...

addison's pony is so cute. sophia is not even close to that! how was your christmas???