Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today Dave and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by. Dave asked me this morning if I still remembered the day we got married. What a silly question, of course I do. These last 5 years have been the best years of my life. When I married Dave I loved him and thought he was great, but he's turned out to be more sweet, thoughtful, helpful, and the best father and husband I could have ever hoped for. (Sorry, Dave, I don't know how else to word that sentence. I know how much you hate when people end sentences with a preposition.) That's another great thing about Dave. I do lots of things that I'm sure frustrate him or bug him, but he never lets on. I truly found the greatest man. I'm the luckiest girl alive!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our trip to Flagstaff

Dave had a work meeting in Flagstaff on Friday morning last week so we drove up Thursday night and stayed an extra night just to enjoy the nice weather. It was gorgeous and we didn't want to come back to the 110 degree plus weather in Phoenix. On Saturday morning before we came home we went to Walnut Canyon where you can hike in a little and see some of the Native American ruins. These people lived in caves on the edge of cliffs. I don't know how they got around, but they were pretty cool to see.

We went to Utah in July to visit family. On the 24th, Pioneer Day in Utah, we went hiking with my parents. We took the tram up to the top of Snow Bird and then hiked down to Cecret Lake and finally to Alta Ski resort where we had to bum a ride from a really nice family in order to get down to where the cars were parked. We had a picnic at the lake and Addison went to town on her very own nectarine. It was a lot of fun. Thanks mom and dad!

Thanks Aunt Darci and Uncle Doug for recording my first birthday experience!

Happy First Birthday!

So I know I'm a terrible blogger. Addison's first birthday was July 9th and I'm just barely getting it on the blog. At least I took pictures though, right? These picures are in reverse order, but as you can tell, Addison was a little freaked out by the unknown cupcake and all of the attention at first. Eventually she tasted it though and there was no turning back. She was in heaven. Thanks for the cute outfit, Aunt Rachel!