Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We had such a great Thanksgiving this year. Dave's parents and brother Dan and his family and his uncle Bruce and his family all came in town and we had a big family dinner at his Aunt Pam and Uncle Steve's house. There were a total of 28 of us (I think 29 if you could my sister's baby Ladd) and it was perfect. After dinner I gave up trying to keep Addison out of the fountain in the backyard. In just one big splash she was soaked so I just took all her clothes off. It wasn't freezing outside because it is almost never freezing in Phoenix, but it was chilly and the water was really cold, but she didn't seem to care. By the end she was shivering so hard she couldn't even walk, but she just kept laughing and squealing with joy. When she tried to climb in the fountain is when we decided she was done.


Katie said...

She was so precious in that fountain! I'm glad someone got pictures. It was so fun to meet you all over Thanksgiving!

The Allen's said...

I can't believe how old she is looking! She's a little girl now- so cute! Weston is very jealous that he can't run around in his diaper anymore (we have snow on the ground).