Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Little Bumblebee

I am finally finding time to blog about Halloween. Addison was so excited to wear her bee costume. When I first bought it I put it on her to make sure it would work and she thought it was really funny. When I pulled it out of her closet on Halloween, she couldn't stop giggling. She was so excited to wear it. I had to take these pictures quickly because she wouldn't stop running around the house. She was already way too hyper, even before the candy came out. I think she likes this holiday. There aren't any good poses, just action shots.

At our ward trunk-or-treat she rode on a train with this girl named Chloe. You can't tell from the look on her face, but she absolutely loved it. She screamed when I took her out.


Browns said...

her costume is way cute!!!!

Brooke Pettegrew said...

What a darling little bee!!

Kay said...

As usual....what a doll and I sure miss seeing her. Come over for lunch OK? Kay Remington