Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Recent conversations

Addie was practicing her letters and Dave was asking her what words and names started with "D". Then she said "My name has a D."
Dave: "Yeah, your name has 2 Ds in it."
Addie (in a very offended voice): "My name doesn't have tooties in it!"

When Addie was potty training we really struggled with getting her to poop in the potty. Some kids will hold it forever and make themselves sick. Not Addie. She would just go in her panties. So whenever I would smell anything I would ask "Do you need to go poo poo or just gas." She would usually answer "just gas". So the other day Dave was explaining how the car works and he said it runs on gas and she literally laughed about it for 5 minutes.

Addie was coming down the stairs.
Addie: "Look, mom, I'm missing steps."
Mom: "Oh, yeah, you're skipping steps. That's pretty tricky."
Addie: "Pretty familiar, too."


Labrum Family said...

She is so funny. Don't forget to add the awnry pants one!

eternity4us said...

Hey you two...we have moved to Mt. Pleasant, UT due to the fact Garry was laid off in May. It's wonderful to be back, My new email is foxywomansk@gmail.com. Would love to hear from you. Love to you four. Kay

Miss Kris said...

How funny! Where do they come up with words like "familiar"? It always throws me off when Hayden uses a new word, especially if the context isn't quite right. We'll have to get the kids together for a playdate soon!