Monday, November 17, 2008


Dave and I had our old roommates (who are now married) come for a visit. We were lucky enough that Eric had a 2 week conference here in town or I don't know if we would ever have gotten them here. Last time they came it was July...enough said. We had such a good time with them.

We took a day trip to the Grand Canyon, which turned out to be a really long day with lots of driving, but it was fun. Though I've seen it many times, it never ceases to amaze me. On the way we played name that tune/artist while the kids screamed in the back seat. Good times!

When we arrived we had a little picnic lunch and then went to the Grand Canyon Village to see some views.

This is our friends on the shuttle bus to the trailhead. Matthew was a little cold.

Good thing we have strong husbands to carry the kids! The kids did great on the hike.

We hiked down about 1.5 miles then stopped for a break before heading back up. Where is our child you ask when this photo was being taken?

Playing in the dirt of course. She couldn't be bothered with a good photo opportunity.

The next day was spent at the park and then in playing pinochle. Dave and I learned how to play this game when we went to Oregon with Eric and Jen last March. Jen and I were wary to play again because it wasn't a fun experience (we always play boys vs. girls in any game we play). But we decided our luck had to turn eventually. Just for the record, we won 2 games out of 3 this time! We are the champs. (And I have it recorded so there will be no mistake about it next time we get together.)

Eric had to leave for his conference the next day, but Jen stayed for another couple of days which we spent shopping and just spending time together. I love this girl, and her little boy. He couldn't get enough of this giant teddy bear. It was adorable.

Thanks so much for coming to visit! We had a great time. And thanks, Dave, for putting up with the girl time. We had a lot of catching up to do.


hillari said...

sounds like tons of fun! maybe I'll have to learn pinochle--keith likes it too.

Ginger and Gregg said...

How fun to have your old roomies come! Are they the ones from Texas? Anyways, it would be fun to get the girls together again for a playdate. We should be there for 1-2 weeks so we will also have to go out with you guys a night too, or play Settlers for old times sake! We'll figure it out.
So you are mixed on Twilight too, huh? My issue is that I really liked the last half but I felt that the first half was so rushed and I would have liked to see more of the romance develop between the two---isn't that what the whole book is about anyways? I actually liked Edward but am not too fond of Bella (she seems kind of a jerk!). Like you say, it's funny how you have a certain image that you created of that character. I need to see it again I guess.