Friday, April 25, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

I've been tagged with this cute idea to talk about all my friends and family whose blogs I have listed on my blog. Here are the rules:
1. Answer the questions about the list of friends/family that you have on your blog.
2. If you don't have the number of names that the question asks, answer the question about the next name that you have not had a question for your your list.
3. Tag your friends and family.
*When did you meet the first person on your list? I visit teach Amy and we always have great discussion. She moved into my ward about 3 years ago?
*What do you like about the third person on your list's blog? Brandi is so creative and is an amazing photographer. She's supposed to be giving birth today to her third son or I'd be bugging her to take pictures of my family. I'll give her a week or two to recover, then bug her... ;)
*What do you like best about the 5th and 6th people on your list? Abby is one of my cousins on my dad's side. She is so much fun as a person and as a mom. I haven't seen her in years, but I love that blogging makes it feel like I see her all the time. She also always looks great. That's not fair..
Allison is also one of my cousins on my dad's side. If you knew that side of my family very well, you'd understand that the siblings didn't love to spend time together when we were young, and my family lived out-of-state almost the whole time. That's my excuse for not know either of these cousins really well. I do know, however, that Allison is hilarious. I haven't seen her since she's had kids, but I'm willing to bet she's a great mom. We need to have a family reunion (we can just invite the cousins if we want).

*How long have you known the 8th person on your list? Meredith is my husband's cousin on his dad's side. I think we first met about 3 years ago? She came down for Thanksgiving. She is so much fun. Or was it at her house in North Carolina that I met her? I can't remember.

*What impresses you about the 11th and 22nd person on your list? Cyndi is an old family friend of Dave's. She is best friends with his sister, Katie. I don't know her well, but I enjoy reading her blog. I can tell that she's a great mom and really knows how to have fun with her daughter.
I don't know where to begin on what impresses me about my sister-in-law Kristy. She is amazing in so many ways. Her blog is always interesting and fun, she's a great mom, wife, sister, daughter and person. She's beautiful inside and out...I could go on and on.

*What memory do you have with the 17th person on your list? Jenny was a roommate of mine in college. She is absolutely hilarious. She always speaks her mind, you never have to wonder what she's thinking about. She would regularly come out of her room while we were studying and start her sentence with "Random thought..." and finish it with something thought-provoking, but also very funny. One of my more recent memories was when she had a house party (after her mission we weren't roommates). I had just started dating Dave and our roommates Jenni and Eric had just started dating (different Jenni). We started playing a game and within seconds, Dave and Eric could tell Jenny was super competitive and also into keeping the rules. They decided, without even discussing it, to try to change the rules just to make her mad. It was so funny watching her get so frustrated. She didn't care that Dave and Eric were strangers, she fought them to the end. She truly is one of my favorite people to spend time with. Too bad we live in different states.

*Say something nice about the last person on your list. Stacey was a super good friend of mine when her husband was in med school and they lived close. They've since moved 3 times and we keep in touch mainly through blogging. She is also an awesome mom and super spiritual. We were close friends almost immediately upon meeting. She is super sweet, loves to be active, along with her husband, and is gorgeous. I miss you Stace!

Now I tag anyone I talked about who hasn't already done this. I changed a few of the instructions.


Gertge Family said...

Such A FUN idea! Thanks for saying nice things about me. I REALLY Like you too!!
I saw your cute Mom & sisters today at Aunt Annie's House. It was Aunt Stacy's baby shower. They said next time you have a girls night I am definately invited. Yipee!!

Gertge Family said...

Oh! by the way.....there is serious talk of a Racker Family Reunion next year in the summer. Plan on it!

Steve and Cyndi said...

What a fun tag! I already posted mine and you were one of the lucky numbers too! Thanks for including me!

Brandi Jo said...

Aww... thanks! Just let me know when you are ready and I'll take pictures of you guys... just give me like a week. I am feeling pretty good though! Carson is sleeping really well, so I am getting a lot of sleep.

Stacey B. said...

I miss you too! Thanks for all the compliments and I could literally say Ditto! Because you are wonderful and I just wish we could get back to AZ so we could hang out. I don't have blogs listed on my blog, so I don't know how I can do the tag. I'll think of something! thanks again for the boost, though, I needed it today!

mjrackerfamily said...

I am so glad you found us!! With as many kids are in this family this really is the only way to stay in touch! Addison is beautiful!! You all look like you are doing great! We will be up to Utah this summer to bless baby #4..crazy I know! Hopefully we can see all of you!
Love Jen