Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun With Friends

So I tried to create this post a week ago but I was having problems with Blogger, then we went out of town the rest of the week so I'm really late. Two Fridays ago we had Carter over to play in the morning. Carter is only about 2 weeks older than Addison and they are great friends. We played outside for about an hour and the kids enjoyed following each other around and popping bubbles.

Then in the afternoon we went to the Phoenix Zoo with my friend Maylene and her daughters Sydney and Sophie. Sydney is quite a bit older than Addison, but is really cute and patient with her. Addison absolutely loves animals, so of course the petting farm was her favorite. She also got to pet some stingrays. Thanks Maylene for a fun time!


Gertge Family said...

So Cute! How's the potty training going?
I saw your cute Mom & Sister this weekend at Blair's Reception. It was so good to see them! It's so fun to be able to stay in touch this way! I hope we get to see each other in person sometime soon!!

Browns said...

I love that pic of Addison and Carter in the chair together. so cute. They really love playing together. I'm glad you had fun at the zoo also.

Brandi Jo said...

How fun! My kids love the zoo! They are usually a little afraid of the petting zoo, but then they warm up to it. Hope all is well! Oh... by-the-way, did you talk to your sister about the table topper thing? No biggie, just let me know when ever. Thanks!

Maylene said...

Sydney had so much fun that day! Thanks for coming with us.