Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shoplifting Update

So I went to Walmart again this week and had to get some tax preparation software. Much to my surprise they now keep all of the software behind a locked window. I realize this doesn't solve the problem of shoplifting, but hopefully it's a deterrent.


Browns said...

the things retailers have to do nowadays.... my ward is having a park group friday morning at friendship park at 10. it would be fun if you came!!!

Brandi Jo said...

Hey Carly!
I found your blog through Ginger's. Cute cute... this is a great way to keep in touch! I'll add you to my blog... so come and visit: www.schneidersrus.blogspot.com See ya!
Brandi & Jusitn Schneider


Hi Carly! Brandi Schneider told me you have a blog too so I came to check it out. We have one too... http://the6oneills.blogspot.com/ . Talk to you soon!--Amy O'Neill

Anonymous said...

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