Friday, October 5, 2007

Dominican Republic, here we come!

It's been a while since I've posted, but I've been busy planning for our trip to the Dominican Republic. We leave in just 4 days. My wonderful sister Darci, and Dave's awesome sister Katie have agreed to watch Addison so we can go and enjoy ourselves alone. Dave served his mission in the Santiago, DR mission, so we'll be staying in one of the areas he served in. We are so excited. It will be my first time out of the country.

I'm starting to get a little sad about leaving Addison for so long, but both Katie and Darci are great with her so I know she'll be fine. I'm more worried about Dave and I. We'll just have to focus on having fun and enjoying our time alone.


daherfamily said...

how fun!!! you guys have fun on your trip.

The Allen's said...

Hi guys! Hope you had a blast on your trip. I hope to hear all about it. Carly, call me when you get a chance when you get back. We miss you guys!

DD Timothy said...

You better have fun!!! Looking forward to having Addison here.