Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easter 2007

This was Addison's first Easter and I wasn't planning on doing anything special because she isn't even crawling yet. It's not like she can hunt for easter eggs... When everyone kept asking what we were planning, I felt bad. Some friends invited us over for their Easter egg hunt so I figured that would be a good picture opportunity. (This is not our grass. Ours is not nearly so lush and green, nor as long. We still haven't attempted reseeding our lawn for winter grass, so we just have the super hardy summer grass that looks more like a carpet.)
Unfortunately Addison wouldn't leave the cute little hat alone so she didn't wear it to church, but it looked cute for pictures.


Kay said...

Oh my ought to send the picture with the hat to the Women's Magazine...they will pay you $50.00 if they choose it..which is very obvious they would. Addy is so photogenic Beautiful.

Kay said... and your daughter look so pure and content in that picture. What a treasure for you and for her when she gets older.